Sledge is a multipurpose app that empowers Shopify and Shopify Plus merchants to boost their development time and grow their brands. Sledge provides important features that merchants can use in just a few minutes while merchants can focus on building other store features.

Sledge supports Liquid by default, so it will work on your theme. However if you are using a headless storefront, Sledge also supports Hydrogen and Next.js Commerce. Sledge also works on no-code tools like Webflow.

Will Sledge injects scripts to my theme?

Absolutely not! Sledge hate it like you do! Sledge advocates developer to pick and build Sledge features based on your store needs.

What features can I get from Sledge?

Wishlist, Product Review, Instant Search, Recently Viewed and Product Filters are currently available for all Sledge users, we're also working on adding new features like Cookie Consent, Currency Converter, Related Products, Announcement Bar and Recently Viewed. More apps will be available in the future since we're always in active development.

Do Sledge support server side fetching for headless store?

Yes! Sledge default to render every API calls on the browser, but if you need to fetch data on the server we provide the API too. Go to Server Side Fetching topic to learn more.

I'm ready, what's next?

Let's go! You can start integrating Sledge to your store by following installation guidelines.

Happy coding!