Make the appearance of the Sledge wishlist app remain in line with the theme you have using the custom components that Sledge provides.

Available custom components :

Widget Alert

Widget Alert is custom component will show on top of wishlist page or wihslist pop up for notify not logged in user.

Custom Component - Other Indec List

Build a custom component, e.g:

import { Link } from '@remix-run/react';
export default function SledgeWishlistWidgetAlert() {
    return (
        <div className="sledge-wishlist__widget-alert">
            <div className="sledge-wishlist__widget-alert-text">
                Please login to save your wishlist across devices.
                    Login Here

Call custom component to prop

Only provide the function name (without ()), see the API reference

<CustomComponent> must be added as a child of another sledge's widget.
import { CustomComponents } from "@sledge-app/core";
import { Widget, WidgetHeader } from "@sledge-app/react-wishlist";
import SledgeWishlistWidgetAlert from "~/components/SledgeWishlistWidgetAlert";
export default function WishlistWidget() {
    return (
                shareId: "share",
            onAfterAddWishlist={(state) => {
                // Your custom function
            onAfterRemoveWishlist={(state) => {
                // Your custom function
            onAfterRenderProduct={(state) => {
                // Your custom function
            <CustomComponents wishlistWidgetAlert={SledgeWishlistWidgetAlert}/>
                <WidgetHeader.Title text="My Wishlist" />
                <WidgetHeader.SearchForm placeholder="Search product" />
                <WidgetHeader.ClearTrigger buttonText="Clear Wishlist" />
                <WidgetHeader.ShareTrigger buttonText="Share Wishlist" />
                <WidgetHeader.Sort />
                <WidgetHeader.Limit options={[10, 25, 50, 100]} />
            <Widget.List gridType="large" />